With some similarities to the Oxford University Press ‘Very Short Introductions’ (but shorter and more immediately readable) and the much-loved English Ladybird books for a younger age group, but more interactive and personally challenging than either, the books will be particularly suitable for young adults’ school and personal reading and a perfect resource for mind-opening sixth-form general studies. They are designed to stimulate curiosity and provide the material and the insights to start filling important gaps in awareness. The suggestions for further material for those who want to take their understanding further will be an invaluable tool for readers, including those at or preparing for university. A particularly valuable feature is the interactive element in the discussion questions, suggested mini projects, a link to a series-specific Facebook page with interactIve discussion, and in many cases audio-visual and other web links. The aim of all this is to bring the material home to the personal interests and involvements of each reader whoever and wherever they may be.